Becoming “communist”

Anna Scalfi Eghenter’s neon “Communio pro indiviso” (2022) is a work shared among multiple collectors who own varying shares of its squared elements. Each owner of the undivided work becomes a “communist” of it, as the owner of an undivided property is defined in Italian law, and the work is written when exhibited in its entirety.

Each of the 285 red neon elements enshrines ownership of a portion of the work and is acquired for pre-sale on the website to enable the production of “Communio pro indiviso” (2022) and its first exhibition in January 2024. Any museum or exhibition venue that wants to present it in the future must apply to all collectors who own it.

Anna Scalfi Eghenter’s entire artistic and scholarly research process will be the focus of an outstanding performance and exhibition project at the Ferdinandeum Museum in Innsbruck, Austria, from Nov. 23, 2023, to May 5, 2024, under the curatorship of Rosanna Dematté. The project “Anna Scalfi Eghenter SEVW” has been awarded by the Italian Council11 and has as cultural partners the museums Madre in Naples, Maxxi in Rome, Mambo in Bologna, Lentos in Linz, Oslo Kunstforening and Flash Art International.

Communio pro indiviso (2022)
project by Anna Scalfi Eghenter
legal curator Fabio Bassan